Davinii Cashmere – Look Good, Feel Good

Davinii Cashmere – Look Good, Feel Good

We, at Davinii Cashmere, understand what is worn is not just a piece of clothing but a means of self-expression and a way of life. Dressing is being. And if you want to dress in the best, what could be better than cashmere. That is why, we are dedicated to the purpose of bringing the finest quality cashmere to those who appreciate it.
You love cashmere but you are wondering - why Davinii Cashmere? Being cashmere enthusiasts ourselves, we have our finger on your pulse. We know what about cashmere sets your heart soaring and what makes you think twice. Let us prove that by answering questions that force you to take a step back when you buy cashmere.

1. What is so good about cashmere anyway?

Where to begin! Pure 100% cashmere as a material has qualities that are matchless. Traditionally, its sole purpose has been warmth. Over time it has transformed into a versatile material that can be molded for any trend. With its slimming fits that don’t compromise on comfort, cashmere has truly become a symbol of all things luxe and chic.

2. Why is cashmere expensive?

There are a couple of reasons for cashmere being expensive. First and foremost is that it is 100% cashmere. Obscure blends with low quality made en masse are a plentiful but the quality craftsmanship of pure cashmere is rare. Davinii Cashmere is all about authentic cashmere and we bring to you best of the best cashmere only. Wouldn’t you want the finest quality of cashmere?

3. How is cashmere of value to me?

Cashmere is much more than class and prestige. It is about owning a piece beyond the labels. The real value of cashmere lies in how it is gathered and weaved. Its value doesn’t come from a price tag. Value is in the quality that is difficult to come by.

4. Even so, how does it make sense to spend so much money on one garment?

Consider it as an investment but not just in terms of resale. Luxury goods like cashmere are bought once and owned for years. Hard-earned money calls for conscious spending. Instead of buying clothes that adhere to fickle fads, wouldn’t it be much better to invest in style that stays relevant season after season?
Moreover, cashmere is an experience. Its soft touch is like a whisper of wind. Its velvety feel is meant to last. Surely, cashmere promises a unique sensory delight.

5. Cashmere is vintage. Will I be losing out on the trends?

Cashmere in itself is a trend. The luxury and vogue of cashmere endures for a long time. Much longer than any short-lived fashion trend. Moreover, there are several instances where cashmere integrated itself well into contemporary styling trends. However, the chic style that cashmere exudes makes a statement, be it a formal social event or a stroll in the park.

6. Is cashmere worth it?

Those conscious about how cashmere is sourced are usually the ones who ask this question. Davinii Cashmere curates 100% pure cashmere apparels. Pure cashmere must be sourced naturally which means that it can be gathered only when the goats shed their fur in spring. This is also the reason why it's so rare. If a fabric doesn’t harm the animal it comes from or doesn’t go through a process that involves harmful chemicals, how can it not be worth it?

7. Doesn’t cashmere seem impractical?

The general assumption about Cashmere is that being a luxury it may be good aesthetically but may not serve a practical purpose. It is not so. For instance, coats and blazers provide protection from biting cold. It has comfortable wearability and offers breathable space for movement.

8. Why should I buy cashmere?

Cashmere makes sense financially and personally. Luxury goods like cashmere can give a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, after all our efforts for a good life, doesn’t cashmere seem like a good way to treat or reward ourselves.

9. Why should I buy from Davinii Cashmere?

You can expect only the most luxurious and decadent pure cashmere from us. Apart from bringing you premium quality cashmere, we ensure that our online shop is easy to use. We understand that shopping is an experience. You will enjoy our online cashmere shop’s clean aesthetics and won’t find yourself jumping through unnecessary hoops. Moreover, our customer service is not a mere hotline. From selection to delivery and beyond, we will be there to assist you.