4 Ways To Be Fashion Forward With Davinii Cashmere

4 Ways To Be Fashion Forward With Davinii Cashmere


Fashion is ever-changing. Trends fade away quickly and what could seem outdated may return. Trends are always being reimagined and reinterpreted. Keeping up with trends is fun but it can become difficult or even tiresome.

The good thing is you don't need trends to be fashion forward. All you need is the classically fashionable cashmere. Davinii Cashmere through its Signature Collection and curated cashmere looks brings to you the basic elements that make for a fashion forward wardrobe 


1. Toned-Down Colors

Colors and patterns define the fashion trend for the season. So, they change with the latest trends. But what will always be both 'up-to-the-moment' and classic are the muted, neutral or toned-down colors. These could be solid hues of black, white, brown, green, navy or others. Muted colors or toned-down colors are visually restful like the soft and soothing glow of the candlelight. They also make a bold statement because they are rich, vibrant and expressive.  

Cashmere clothing is most often found in such toned-down colors. Case in point is the 100% pure Karasi Cashmere Coat from Davinii’s Signature Collection. In hues of brown like Caramel and Oat along with Sacramento Green, Sapphire

Blue and Black, the coat is an emblem of sophistication.  In one of our curated looks, we paired the caramel coat with white cashmere sweater and pants for a cozy layered look. Chic accessories like the beige beret and the genuine leather ankle boots are added to the ensemble. However, the charming coat with its strong hue elevates the look to a whole new level. 


caramel pure cashmere coat, Davinii Cashmere


2. Proper Fitting

Properly fitted clothes conform to the shape of your body. They have a subtle but impactful effect. We appear well put together in them and exude a classic charm. Clothes need not necessarily be loose or tight. They should not suffocate when worn and they should not be oversized.  

Clothes fitted to our measurements are complementing. They are breathable for relaxed movements. Our style doesn’t get lost in them and only appears cleaner. For instance, the Karasi Cashmere Coat and the Kaira Cashmere Blazer are constructed with the notions of proper fitting. They easily fall from the shoulders. They are snuggly but don’t add bulk at all. They create a slimming silhouette.


brown pure cashmere blazer, Davinii Cashmere 

3. Cashmere 

Trends can be tempting. But when it comes to trends, the rule of thumb is to avoid fast fashion. We often notice when a particular trend is gaining popularity when everyone can be seen sporting the same look in different colors and patterns. It also means that the trend is going age out just as it had become popular.  

This is where cashmere comes in. It is a soft, light, fine fabric whose subtle and intricate textures are not overshadowed by bright colors. Cashmere is a luxury that will never age out. It is very stylish and ‘style-able.’ It takes very simple pure cashmere apparels to create a lovely and classy persona.  

Moreover, there is a way to incorporate trends in our style with subtle cashmere accessories that will age well even if the trend melts away. One such accessory is our Hope Cashmere Scarf Shawl. The pure cashmere scarf is luxuriously textured and elegant in appeal. It is an accessory around which styles are made.


sienna brown pure cashmere shawl  

4. The Classics

There is a certain category of clothing that may not be the latest trend, but it is always going to be fashionable. It is called the classics. They mark highly in terms of quality and style. Investing in such timeless pieces helps us create wardrobes with garments that can be worn time and again.  

These timeless pieces are a part of our Signature Collection. The coat, blazer and scarf featured in this collection are ideal to stay in tandem with the current trend while staying a little bit ahead as well. It is not just that these pieces are made of pure cashmere, but the colors, textures, designs of our Signature Collection ensure that any ensemble they are part of stands out for its grace and style. Davinii Cashmere with its Signature Collection celebrates the vintage and embraces the contemporaneity.