Choosing the Perfect Cashmere Sweater: A Guide to Every Season

Choosing the Perfect Cashmere Sweater: A Guide to Every Season

Looking for the ultimate guide to perfect Cashmere sweater for every season? Let us help you out.


Cashmere may be synonymous with winter, but it is a classical fit to be worn all round the year. Isn’t it fascinating? Born from the ultra-fine undercoat hair of cashmere goats that live in Mongolia, where seasonal temperatures fluctuate widely, Cashmere has inherent insulating properties. Sitting on the outer layer of the Mongolian goats, these insulating undercoats are naturally developed to help you regulate your body temperature. This keeps you warm in winters and cool when it is hot.



Blossom into style and elevate your wardrobe with the freshness of Cashmere sweaters. This delightful blend of comfort and style is tailored to embrace the transitional weather. The light weight and breathable textile provides you the perfect warmth without overheating. The thin fibers, along with the contemporaneity of these sweaters are the perfect styling options for your spring outfit .The graphic chromatic palette, paired with the unparalleled softness, makes Cashmere sweaters a staple in your spring wardrobes for generations. So, embrace the spirit of spring with Davinii.

Davinii’s Priscilla Knitted Cashmere sweaters with a mock neckline and skimming shape, allows you to style it up effortlessly with a skirt or jeans for a brunch, picnic or a day out. You can also wear a bold and confident look, this spring, with the breezy and versatile Micaela Cashmere Sweater from Davinii. These sweaters help you unleash your magnetic charm adds a dimension to your outfit.



Even at the height of summer - from cool evenings to breezy sea side days, Cashmere knitwear remains the center stage, even if the layering around it changes. This breathable and lightweight fabric, worn alone or layered over a t-shirt, allows you to achieve just the right body temperature. From sleeveless tang tops to collared cardigans, cashmere lace echo the happy and bright summer mornings. A sleeveless sweater made in light fabric, cashmere will give you a sumptuous feel and swanky appeal. With Davinii, you can stop worrying about your summer outfit.

The elegant Carminia sleeveless cashmere vest from our selection is straight sided and simple structured, so that you can style it to you taste and use it with other accessories like belt to complement your body shape. The Lucienne Ribbed Cashmere Tank Top is also a perfect fit for summers with its luxurious appeal, light weight, scooped neckline and trimmed edges. The soft cashmere crew neckline with a subtle stitch detail makes it a fit for you summer outings. 



Embrace the warm and neutral hues of autumn with cashmere sweaters. The thin silhouette of the cashmere are perfect for the vibrant changes in nature. The light and thin fibers, along with the contemporaneity of these sweaters evoke a sense of nostalgia and coziness. So, delve into the stylish accents of fall with Davinii.


 Davinii’s Roseline Cashmere Sweater is an elegant crew neck with ribbed trims that gives a trimmed effect to your silhouette and makes you look more elegant and refined. These sweaters not only keep warm but also fashionable. Davinii’s sweaters are designed to contribute to the cozy and stylish narrative of autumn. The soft knits of the Elvire Solid Cashmere Pullovers, with classic colors are versatile and the perfect silhouette for your wardrobe. Pair your favorite jeans or canvas trousers with this graphic chromatic palette and make is a great option for cooler autumn evenings.


Cashmere sweaters are an essential in your winter sweater sanctuary. This luxuriously smooth textile gives you ultimate insulation and coziness. Though cashmere sweaters are significantly lighter, they are eight times warmer than any other wool. The microscopic structure of cashmere traps warm air between its fibers. This cushion of air slows down the speed of heat leaving your body and keeps you toasty warm. The high neckline and extensive collar styles of cashmere sweaters, along with its long sleeves, offers versatility in look and warmth. Davinii’s cashmere sweaters are a prime example of this.

The knit of Davinii’s Keava Cashmere Turtleneck sweaters is light and cozy, yet dense enough to keep out the chilly breeze.  They are excellent for layering throughout the winter as they are not bulky and can go well with jackets or trench coats. These resilient and hefty sweaters with their bold and chic add a touch of elegance to winter ensemble. So, experience the feel of a blanket without being wrapped in one. Knitted or woven, Cashmere sweaters are the perfect combination of warmth and elegance.


Owning a cashmere sweater is not about buying a piece of cloth rather it is in an investment into timeless luxury. Indulge yourself with genuine cashmere sweaters- a classic which will always be relevant, with Davinii. We present to you a curated selection of exquisite Cashmere sweaters that blend quality and warmth with style. They are easy, contemporary and wearable. The soft and comfortable fabric of our sweaters not only provides a tactile pleasure but also bodes well with longevity. Each sweater is meticulously crafted by us to effortlessly combine fashion with function. So let’s re-imagine your style and unveil a new era with Cashmere sweaters.



 1. Is cashmere 100% wool?

All cashmeres are wool but all wools are not cashmere. Cashmere is sourced from goat instead of sheep. Moreover, instead of shearing, which is the most common ways of obtaining wool, cashmere is gathered by hand combing the fleece of the Cashmere goat during its natural molting season.


2. Is cashmere itchy to wear?

No, cashmere is not inherently itchy. Cashmere is a great hypoallergenic alternative to merino and other fibers as it does not contain lanolin. But the quality of cashmere has a  great impact on the itchiness. Low quality cashmere has shorter fibers and therefore can be prickly and may cause may cause irritation.


3. How can you make cashmere jumper last forever?

Cashmere is known for its durability. A high quality cashmere jumper can last from 10 years to 200 years, if properly taken care of. For light stains, use a light spritz of cold water to dampen the stain and gently dab with a neutral shampoo. You must also ensure that it is properly stored in a cool dark place away from damp and dust.


4. Is cashmere for winters only?

Cashmere is great at regulating body temperature and it helps to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The breathability and light texture of the fabric makes it is suitable to be worn all round the year.


5. Is cashmere hotter than cotton?

Though cashmere possesses great insulation properties that help contain body heat. Cashmere is not only warmer than cotton; it is significantly lighter and softer. This breathability helps you maintain the perfect body temperature.


 6. Which is better silk or cashmere?

Both natural fibers- silk and cashmere are luxurious insulators, and provides warmth. But where cashmere has a plush comfort and is extremely durable, silk can be torn much easily. Though silk is the ideal fabric to use underneath clothing in chilly weather, Cashmere is exceptionally soft, warm and breathable which makes it suitable to be worn throughout the year.