What is Cashmere and Why is it Desirable?

What is Cashmere and Why is it Desirable?

Ever wondered why cashmere is exciting? Well, you have come to the right place then! Cashmere fabric is an exquisite natural material and fashion world’s grail.
It celebrates and expresses the seasons. It evokes the spirit of decadence, grace and subtle style. For all this, cashmere clothing is rightly called eternal and timely.

What is Cashmere Made of?

Cashmere is synonymous with warmth, comfort and elegance. It is a type of wool but it comes from the fine-haired underfleece of goats found at high altitude regions like Mongolia, Himalayas, Italy, Southwest China, Iran, Tibet and so on.
It is finer, lighter, stronger and softer than any natural clothing fiber. It is highly insulating and that is why it is commonly used for making winter wear but the fiber’s versatility makes it ideal for the summer season as well.

What Makes Cashmere So Desirable?

It is not just that cashmere has luxurious qualities that feels dreamy and calming, but it is also very rare. Each year cashmere fibers can be collected only once during the spring when the goats naturally shed their fleece.
Cashmere comes from the undercoat but the goats shed both the undercoat and outer fleece at the same time, which makes the process of collecting cashmere fibers all the more delicate. In fact, most times mixing can become unavoidable. With utmost care, only the finest hair are selected.

In the end, a small quantity of fine hair are collected which are then washed and spun into yarns to make luxury apparels like cashmere sweaters, loungewear, scarves, shawls or cashmere summer clothing and more. This again requires delicate handling.
There can be no mistakes and chemicals. Plus, it takes a whole lot of cashmere yarn to make a decent piece of clothing – almost 4 goats worth of cashmere to make one sweater! That is why, good quality cashmere apparels are difficult to come by and justifies its high desirability.

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